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Hacienda del Álamo Golf Course

The pleasure of playing in an unlimited Golf Course

The Hacienda del Álamo residential complex runs 40 hectares of land destined to create the longest golf course in southeastern Spain. The concept that Dave Thomas used for his creation is that of «no limits», that is, he designed the desired field for every golfer, without restrictions of any kind. Come and enjoy a perfect golf course! with an unbeatable integration with the environment, with a very smooth sinuous route and, at the same time, with its obstacles to make the game more attractive. Its 6,700 meters of course are designed centimeter by centimeter so you can enjoy this exciting sport to the fullest. The route is made in about five hours and departures are every ten minutes, even on a busy day.

The facilities include a practice area with a driving range with 40 stations, practice six holes without going to the golf course and areas for short hits. In addition, the eight lakes that are distributed along the route give greater visibility to the landscape.

All football fields are basically the same, tennis courts always the same measures, in almost all sports, the place where you play is not essential. In the case of golf, yes. The field is primordial, it is a true and only opponent. For this reason, you may find in this field a passionate playmate, a luxury for life»

Miguel Ángel Jiménez


We present you one of the best courses in Europe. It measures no less than 40 hectares. It is wide, spacious, with long holes and with various lakes. Very soft because it is built on a natural terrain. And at the same time it has very well thought out difficulties.

Its 6,700 meters are covered in about five hours, and departures are every ten minutes even on a busy day. There is no «slow play». That will allow you to enjoy the countryside calmly. No hurries. To enjoy with tranquility its large dimensions.




A golf course with 18 holes perfect for training a professional game or enjoying games with members of the club.


Two bunkers on each side of the fairway make the exit of this first hole a challenge, even though, like many holes in Hacienda del Alamo, the green is quite large and it is unlikely that players will encounter problems with the blow of tee.

A good placement with the driver will allow us to have a good view of the Green for the second shot, which, with an medium iron, will allow us to access a protected Green with bunkers at the entrance and to the left.


This hole is characterized by three large bunkers. The drive must be played at the top of the fairway between the first bunker on the right and the rough on the left. In this case a long and precise drive has a good reward because it allows us to use a short or medium iron as a second shot through a wide bunker until we reach an elevated Green


This is the first short par . A good opportunity to make a birdie. The drive is downhill. The player must take fairway in an area surrounded by bunkers at different levels. Although the Green is large, the location of some trees can make the second shot not easy.


Although the landing area of the tee shot is quite wide, it is necessary to hit a bit high from a semi-blind tee. The first part of this hole is between lines of trees on either side and two large bunkers at the bottom. The hitters can reach the Green with the second hit leaning on the left and saving some bunkers that protect their entrance. The safe path on the right would take us to a third short iron strike or pitch with some risk for the deep bunkers that protect the Green on the right.


This is the first of the short holes of the course. The direction of the wind is key. The right part of the Green is protected by deep bunkers. We recommend to shoot left.


Dog-leg from right to left with a bunker to the left of the landing area of the tee. A complicated exit since the fairway has a fall to the right and it is very important to place the ball as centred as possible. The second shot, medium iron, must be played through a small valley towards a green protected by three bunkers at the entrance left.


Straight hole in which the distance does not benefit especially. It is important to place the first shot well between the two bunkers on the sides, with a long iron or a wood. The second stroke is a medium or short iron. It requires precision and understanding of the undulations of the green.


It is the most demanding par 3 visually dominated by the big lakes facing the tee. The placement of the flag is what will determine the position on the tee and the final result. The Green is protected with bunkers in front and to the left. A good recommendation is to play to the left of the green.


Another long par 5, with a bit of right dog leg. The drive has to negotiate long bunkers on the left and must gain enough distance to have a good view of the green.

The strategy of the second shot depends very much on where the flag is located since the green is protected by a lake on the right. The fairway opens to the left for the second shot leaving us then a wedge or a pitch to the green.


Intimidating exit shot through lakes. The ideal line to attack the green is to the right of the fairway, which forces us to negotiate two bunkers in that area. If we play the second shot from the left we must avoid deep bunkers that protect the entrance of the green. A good hole to start the second part of the course.


Different options on this tee. Two bunkers define the right part of the fairway. With a good exit to the center of the fairway, we leave a second shot much shorter and easier. If the drive heels to the left should be long enough to see the green that is up and protected with deep bunkers on the left and the entrance, Still we would be a difficult second hit to take green.


A picturesque hole that demands a long iron to reach the green. The problems are the bunkers on the left and right of the street. The green is large and with gentle undulations. A good placement should give us good results.


Although it is a short par 4, some big bunkers penalize getting too close to the green. Perhaps the most correct decision is to play a long iron from the tee. The green is a bit hidden with a bunker on the right . A very undulating green increases the difficulties. The mountainous environment of the background makes it a lovely hole.


A long par 5 left to right where a good start must negotiate large bunkers placed on the right side. The green designed on an island makes it almost impossible to reach the green in two strokes. A second long iron leaves us a third wedge or pitch through large bunkers to the green. A good opportunity to make a birdie.


Another par 3 with a certain inclination upwards. The largest bunker on the course dominates the right side and a steep slope to the side makes it seem very risky. The green is relatively noble. The left side is safe with good opportunities for chip and putt.


A complicated exit in which the narrowest fairway of the route must be negotiated. The hole, very wavy, with bunkers on both sides of the street.

The second shot requires a long shot through bunkers to a flat green with chances to make a good putt.


Another difficult knockout. It is important to gain distance to win the high part of the fairway. Four bunkers divide the hole. A second shot through bunkers.

A long hole that when the north wind blows turns four hits into a good result


A long and dramatic final hole playing uphill towards the Clubhouse. A good drive to the left should cross the bunkers on the right. A second shot to the fairway with long iron or wood. The center of the fairway is a pretty hole with waterfalls and lakes on the left.

A good second hit leaves a short pitch as a third hit to win a long, but easy green. It is important to avoid the deep street bunker on the right, about 90 meters before the green. A good hole to finish that rewards the good game.

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